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Humanities and Social Justice House

Ancient Rome

Humanities and Social Justice House

The Humanities and Social Justice House integrates the subjects of Modern World History and English. We use a social justice lens to examine the systems of culture, power, oppression, uprisings and movements in history that have shaped the world we live in and made us who we are.

Transitioning to High School at OC

At John O'Connell High School, we invest in establishing the foundation for high school success. Teachers and student success coaches team up to provide personalized classroom guidance for our 9th-graders.

In addition, 9th-graders needing more support can participate in Mentoring for Success Project Arrive, a yearlong group mentoring program.

Our Teachers
Contact Samantha Aguirre  Samantha Aguirre Social Studies Teacher
Contact Elsa Jimenez  Elsa Jimenez SPED Teacher
Contact Gabriel Zwettler  Gabriel Zwettler English Teacher