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Staff Directory

Contact Amy Abero  Amy Abero Assistant Principal
Contact Susan Ryan  Susan Ryan Principal
Contact Vincent Toan  Vincent Toan Instructional Reform Facilitator (AP 16-17)
Contact Leslie DeHaro  Leslie DeHaro Staff
Contact Armando Florez  Armando Florez Dean of Students
Contact Peter Wolfgram  Peter Wolfgram Counselor
Wellness Center
Contact Valentina Bravo  Valentina Bravo Staff
Contact Stuart Dick  Stuart Dick (415) 695-5370 ex: 1100 School District Nurse
Contact Laura Hahn  Laura Hahn Staff
Contact Harvey Lozada  Harvey Lozada Staff
Contact Araceli Martin  Araceli Martin (415) 939-5670 Staff
Contact Samantha Aguirre  Samantha Aguirre Social Studies Teacher
Contact Alexandria Brooks  Alexandria Brooks Teacher
Contact Clarity Burke  Clarity Burke Teacher
Contact Kendrick Chow  Kendrick Chow Teacher
Contact Sarah Christensen  Sarah Christensen HBS and Spanish Teacher
Contact Michael Cooper  Michael Cooper Teacher
Contact Patricia Daugherty  Patricia Daugherty Staff
Contact Corinne Davis  Corinne Davis SPED Teacher
Contact Diana Encarnacion Schrachta  Diana Encarnacion Schrachta HBS and English Teacher
Contact Cameron Holmes  Cameron Holmes Math Teacher
Contact Elsa Jimenez  Elsa Jimenez SPED Teacher
Contact Natalie Lenarduzzi  Natalie Lenarduzzi Teacher
Contact Christina Elisabeth Lewis  Christina Elisabeth Lewis SPED Teacher
Contact Minh Q Luc  Minh Q Luc (415) 695-5370 ex: 1215 Energy/Utilities Teacher
Contact Maria Martinez  Maria Martinez Math Teacher
Contact Christopher Miranda  Christopher Miranda Teacher
Contact Richard Moore  Richard Moore (415) 695-5370 ex: 321 Chemistry and ETech Teacher
Contact Elaine F. Moskowitz  Elaine F. Moskowitz Teacher Librarian
Contact Keith Norman  Keith Norman (415) 695-5370 ex: 106 Teacher
Contact Carlos Peterson  Carlos Peterson Staff
Contact Ruben Quezada  Ruben Quezada Spanish Dual Immersion and Culinary/Entrepeneurship Teacher
Contact Elena Royale  Elena Royale Teacher
Contact Vanessa SiinoHaack  Vanessa SiinoHaack English Teacher
Contact Stacey Speer  Stacey Speer Teacher
Contact Tiffany Spohrer  Tiffany Spohrer (415) 695-5370 ex: 1212 Math Teacher
Contact Calen Swift  Calen Swift Teacher
Contact Maurisa Thompson  Maurisa Thompson Teacher
Contact Chris Wood  Chris Wood BCT and Building/Construction Teacher
Contact Gabriel Zwettler  Gabriel Zwettler English Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Roslyn Brandstein  Roslyn Brandstein Counseling Secretary
Contact Mya Canty  Mya Canty Staff
Contact Beverly Choice  Beverly Choice Security
Contact Andrew Cornejo  Andrew Cornejo Staff
Contact Andrew E. Lemke  Andrew E. Lemke Paraprofessional/ASP Tutor
Contact Jill Marinelli  Jill Marinelli Staff
Contact Alicia B Medina  Alicia B Medina Staff
Contact Pattie L Newsome  Pattie L Newsome School Secretary
Contact Andrea Nunez  Andrea Nunez Staff
Contact Paola Zuniga  Paola Zuniga Community Schools Coordinator